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  1. Internal and external audit
a) Monitor and update internal/external audit plan (montly/yearly)
b) Assist QA Supervisor/Manager in internal and external audit
c) Conduct monthly AB&F sample protection audit and finalize the audit report under QA Team leader/Supervisor/Manager ‘s instruction.
d) Maintain audit records for easily tracking and systematically
e) Conduct invoice audit as QA supervisor/ manager’s assignment.
f) Conduct internal audit assigned by superiors
g) Monitor and update Laboratories in implementing corrective actions, preventive actions requested by auditors.

2. Complaint, Corrective and Preventive action
a) Ordinate with leaders or above to handling complaints or non-comformitíe.
b) Assist laboratories in root cause analysis and corrective action proposal
c) Monitor, update and follow up the status of complaints/ non-conformity.
d) Monitor , update and monthly report the status of Corrective/ preventive action request to Global QA. (CAR logbook).
e) Maintain CAR/PAR records as defined procedure.

3. Control of documents and records
a) Draft document/ procedure to comply with ISO 17025 and Quality manual.
b) Posting document onto serve after receiving manager’s approval. Ensure all document have been created with correct format/ template.
c) Control and update internal and external document to ensure that the document in the most updated version (both of soft copy and hard copy)
d) Update and communicate internal Quality information/ Customers’ requirements received to relevant persons
e) Storage and update quality records (audit record, management review record, Corrective action records…)
f) Ensure the master list of internal/external document are maintained and updated
g) Control testing standards in lab including purchase standards, post standard and update related master list to ensure that all standards in use are the newest version.
4. Assuring the quality of test and calibration results
a) Monitor and update the master of Test Capability
b) Monitor and update the accreditation list.

5. Training
a) Support QA Trainers to organize Quality management system training
- Room booking with receptionist and inform trainees and trainers accordingly
- Gather/provide training materials from/to trainer.
b) Update and maintain training records through Access software and update training hard copy as defined procedure.
c) Cordinate with Labs Manager and Master Trainer to organize Train The Trainer training course.
d) Monitor Laboratories in implementing training plan

6. Improvement
a) Analyse quality data (CAR, IMP, etc) to seek chance of quality improvement on monthly basis
b) Ensure annual improvement plans are established and implemented

7. An toàn – sức khỏe – môi trường
a) Implement or ensure implementation of BV HSE Policies and Procedures via audits/patrol/etc
b) Manage HSE in accordance to BV policies and procedures
c) Investigate accident/incident and implement/monitor corrective action plan
d) Report HSE matters to QA Global and government on-time
e) Tổ chức đào tạo về HSE cho công ty
f) Đảm bảo công ty tuân thủ yêu cầu pháp luật và yêu cầu khác liên quan đến HSE
g) Hỗ trợ công tác mua hàng liên quan đến PPE/HSE
h) Quản lý PPE

8. Others
a) Contact with Lab managers to update yearly correlation plan and related records (if any).
b) Assistant QA Team Leader/ Supervisor/Manager to collect information for management review report and other reports.
c) Make advance or payment request as QA Team leader/Supervisor/Manager’s assignment
d) Monitor and update list of approved subcontractors, subcontractors’ competency
e) Other assignment by N+1

  ** HSE Responsibility
* It is the responsibility of every employee:
- Complying with the requirements of the location’s HSE policy and HSE management system.
- Comply and respect health, safety and environment principles/requirements in daily activities.
- Correctly use tools, equipment and required personal protective equipment as instructed in accordance to safe work practices.
- Report to work in a fit condition and not under the influence of alcohol or by illicit substances such as drugs or under any condition that may affect the employee’s ability to complete assigned task
- Promptly report potential hazardous working conditions or work practices to their immediate supervisor.
- Promptly report all HSE related incidents and near misses to their immediate supervisor.

1. Internal (QHSE Team)
Directly report assigned quality issues to N+1/N+2.
2. External (Others department/ outside organization)
a) Ask for invoices/technical reports/records for audit purpose.
b) Contact with others department for quality/training
c) Training organization, suppliers for QHSE, authorities related to QHSE
Requirements for Undertaker
+ Graduated University/College
+ Technical or Quality Assurance
+ At least 1 year experience in Quality Assurance/HSE
+ knowledge in ISO9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001
+ Good command in English

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