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  1. Prepare sample reports for the data entry specialist to refer:
a) Update the changes of sample report from CPSDoc.
b) Update the changes of data sheet from CPSDoc.

c) Update the changes of requirement about pass/fail result from test programs of CPSDoc.

d) Update the changes of requirement about test method from test programs of CPSDoc.

e) Explain and help Data entry Specialist to understand and perform accurately when inputting data into reports.
f) Frequently update the technical changes of each different client, the way of data entry, presentation and involved issues from BV system.

g) Update Data entry specialist and involved departments on information changes.
h) Contact IT staff or IT Hong Kong when there is arising problem about BVLab, ARG.
2. Check results from Lab including subcontract’s results.
a) Check test items, Lab result in comparison with assigned test items by the client or test assignment staff and pass/fail requirements regulated by the client.

b) Contact Customer service Department when there are technical requirements to evaluate test result.

c) Contact Lab whe there is deviation of test item in the Lab in comparison with assigned test item, pass/fail requirement.
3. Review report before issuance (Overall Report Review)
a) Train Lab supervisors in necessary requirements of each test program… when perform technician report review.
b) Review report after completion from Report Generation team before issuance.
4. Complete the reports in due time
a) Check the status of reports to ensure they can be completed on time upon the requirement of system and the client.
b) Inform involved department if there is technical issues that cannot be performed in due time.
5. Assist Customer service Department in providing information, answering queries about test norms, test program, or queries about issued reports.

a) Receive the client’s requirements and queries from the staff of CS&BD division.
b) Double-check test program from system, test method in comparison with involved Lab to get precise and detailed feedback, give suitable test items for the products that the clients care about along with necessary samples to check product.

c) Answer and instruct clearly test items that the clients query.
d) Contact the direct manager to ask advices in case received test norms are beyond Lab’s capacity.

e) Contact Program manager, technical inquiry team when there are technical queries from test program.
6. Implement to train the staff, organize the seminars on test programs.

a) Check necessary requirements of each test program: designated test method, the way of data entry and report issuance.
b) Instruct the staff to comply with the requirement of each test program.
c) Update and disseminate the staff about the changes of test program in progress as well as new test program.
7. Train new staff
a) Train new staff according to requirement of training process.
b) Check the staff to ensure they perform properly that they have learnt.
c) Set up the staff’s training records transfer to Quality Assurance Department.
d) Facilitate the staff to complete well their assigned job and improve their skills.
8. Solve mistakes, propose timely and reasonable correction/prevention action.
a) Monitor report audit from HongKong about test program: finding cause, consult the involved departments to propose corrective/preventive actions, check performance process.
b) Monitor QC Inline report to find cause, consult the involved departments to propose corrective/preventive actions, check performance process.
9. Conduct weekly audit in the Lab upon requirement of BV system.
10. Implement other involved tasks or requested by the superior and BV Global about operation and report accuracy (TAT, report before 6pm, elapsed time, revised report percentage,...)

Major: Chemistry, Textile or IT
Certificate: Microsoft Office, Certificate of English level B
Experience:At least 2 years of experience in textile and garment test.
Knowledge: Good knowledge of textile and garment test: test methods, perform involved test methods and evaluation result.
Careful, reasonable work management.
Skills: Reading comprehension of English documents of test program and test methods.
Communication skill.
Information presentation skill.
Capabilities: work management ability.

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