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  Quick job description:
Managing Field Agents :
•Managing field agents is a very big part of this role, you will work very closely as a team to discover problems that happen during production and problems faced by farmers on their fields and you’ll need to work together with the field agents to find best solutions to these problems. As team leader, you are responsible to manage the work schedule of the field agents and to make sure that all farmers have enough support from the field team.
Farmers Management :
•Getting to know all the farmers is very important as the farmers are our partners in this operation. We need to come up with ideas to motivate farmers to stay committed to the project in order for the project to be a success.
Looking for New Farmers
•We want to help as many farmers as possible increase their production and income. You will need to find new farmers as we grow the project bigger and bigger. To support all the new farmers joining the project, you will also need to train and grow your team of field agents.
Production Techniques and Experimentation:
•Having good production techniques is most important for successful production. You will need to work a lot with your field team and technical team to solve production problems such as problems with techniques and coping with diseases and other problems. This will include a lot of brainstorming sessions, finding solutions, testing experiments and monitoring results.
Crisis Management:
•Expect lots of crisis to happen everyday! That’s part of the exciting challenge of this role. You will need to adopt quick fix solutions to respond immediately to sudden problems but also find long term solutions to fix the problems completely.
Field Office Operations
•You will also be responsible for managing the day to day operations of the field office which includes managing all the agricultural supplies and inputs required by the farmers, including keeping track and ordering new supplies. The field office is also the holding venue for harvested crops before they get transported to Phnom Penh office for sales.
Collaborating with Other Teams :
•The production team including all field offices are at the heart of the operations of the company and you will find that you will need to work closely with, communicate all the time and collaborate with all other teams of the company such as logistics team, sales team, coordinators and management.
  What profile do you need to have?
•Studies in a relevant field for example agronomy, management, engineering etc
• At least 2 years of field experience
• Very high level of English is required, almost bilingual
Salary range and other benefits :
•Salary between 500 USD to 800 USD
•Bonus opportunity will be offered to the employee based on individual work performance
•Per diem food allowance and transportation expense 


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