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  Branch Common-core (MB):

o The Branch Manager is in charge of all daily operations that go on the Branch;
o Manage Branch opening and closing;
o Overview Branch Cleanliness;
o Overview Product Display in Branch;
o Develops customer relations and promotes sales and service;
o Prepare daily sale number and stock in(only) number from warehouse to sale dept;
o Manage all stocks in the Branch (Gas Tank, home appliances, office material, displays, vehicles and any company properties);
o Check the availability of stock and replenish accordingly;
o Record Product Quantity delivery from Warehouse, cross check with product order;
o Supervising and checking all reports to Head Office;
o Overview Promotion decoration and information to customers display;
o Prepare petty cash or purchase request expenses every Monday;
o Manage all money collections, cash and accounting issues.

Human Resources/Admin:
o Manage all staffs activities.
o Resolved employees problems;
o Prepare OT forecast request;
o Back up Cashier when absent;
o Communicate to employees announcement from Management;
o Participate in Branch Employee’s monitoring & evaluation.
o Monitor absences/leaves and find temporary replacement internally and if no replacement is found, request to HR for help. (replacement could be from branches);
o Summarize Delivery boys trip number and report to HO accounting monthly;
o Record, report and analyses on utilities expenses;

o Develops customer relations and promotes sales and service;
o Cross check stock in display in branch and stock in Branch warehouse match with total stock and send report to HO accounting, daily & Monthly; Prepare daily Product order and send to Sales Exe;
o Resolved customers complains;
o Manage Events in the Branch.
o Report on Customer walk in Survey;
o Overview Products quality conditions when delivery from Warehouse;
o Record Sales Results for each sales person’s;
o Monitor gas delivery boy activities, including their time in and out while delivering etc;
o Attend to big order customer as well as small retail customer as needed;
o Help monitor customer Account (AR), such as customer order frequency, borrowing of gas tank and/or money etc;
o Prepare Information on gas price changes to be delivery to regular gas customers;
o Monitor stock level (Tank and Citern) and order accordingly;
o Back Up Accountant if absent (Branch 1-7-PL);

o Overview Logistic activity (MB);
o Follow up on the repair and maintenance of trucks and motorcycles;

B1 Special activity:
o Monitor gas Stand activities;
o Monitor Gas Stand refill at Night;
o Help Cashier to collect payment and/or bring cash collection to MB;
o Collect Salary from HO Account and open to employees;

B4 Special activity:
o Answer most of phone call
o Open and close front doors;

B5 Special activity:
o Issue Motor Gasoline Voucher for refill;

B7 Special activity:
o Bring money collection to Bank;
o Request Service Technician for product Installation

PL Special activity:
o Issue Invoice;
o Help Gas Delivery;
o Monitor Cittern Refill;

Warehouse Special activity:
o Monitor Daily Truck trip Schedule;
o Check Gas stock by supplier and place order accordingly;
o Order gas Refill for Cittern at Warehouse, Preak Leap & B1;
o Collect gas price from supplier and consult top management for updated Gas retail prices;
o Communicate Gas Prices update to all branch managers;
o Hold main wholesalers (+/-50) account & orders;
o Monitor Gas tank condition, manage maintenance and stocking;
o Overview all Warehouse activities and Stocking;
o Overview K10 Branch stock and sales activity;
o Monitor Daily cash collection; Collect main payment directly;
o Bring all cash collection to MB daily;
o Request and follow up Vehicles maintenance;

Work support:
o Participate to any other tasks assigned by Management.

How to Apply
Interested candidates are invited to apply by sending a Cover Letter and CV with expectation salary and a recent photograph [email protected] . Only short listed applicants will be contacted for an interview.
Address: #A1Eo, St 142, Western Sorya Shopping Center, Phnom Penh
Tel: 095 666 437

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095 666 437


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#A1Eo, St 142, Western Sorya Shopping Center, Phnom Penh