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  - The Demand Generation Manager is responsible for Aprati Foods’ marketing, selling and fulfillment efforts. The individual in this role is an active hands-on learner and problem solver. The Demand Generation Manager launches new brands and products, working in close association with the Knowledge Creation Department and Finished Goods Department. The Demand Generation Manager understands market needs and desires. That understanding is used to create Happy Consumer Experiences.
- The Demand Generation Manager supervises and coaches several associates.

The Demand Generation Manager is responsible for six major business outcomes:

1.Marketing and Sales Planning and Reporting provides short-term and long-term guidance.
- Collaborate with Knowledge Creation Team to better understand market.
- Provide information from retail back to the Knowledge Creation Team, so that they are working with a 360-degree set of information about the marketplace.
- Analyze sales and market data.
- Identify problems, understand root causes, generate insights and propose solutions.
- Create and present strategic marketing and sales plans, including brand plans.
- Provide demand forecasts to Finished Goods Team, so that they can order raw materials and schedule line time.
- Generate marketing and sales reports to summarize status and progress towards objectives.

2.Product Specifications, Packaging and Pricing encourages trial and repeat purchases.
- Determine pack types and pack sizes that will satisfy market needs and desires.
- Oversee packaging graphics development, providing art direction to designers.
- Recommend price adjustments.
- Establish and police profitable and competitive pricing parameters.
- Supervise the maintenance of up-to-date product specifications.
- Supervise the maintenance of up-to-date price list.

3.Trade Marketing and Selling Program incentivizes wholesalers and retailers to purchase and place Aprati Foods products.
- Develop solicitation materials and product catalog.
- Cultivate business relationships with wholesalers and retailers.
- Identify the most valuable points of distribution and gain distribution there.
- Create and execute placement and promotional programs.
- Manage the selling process.
- Monitor distribution levels, identify voids to be filled and fill them.
- Persuade wholesalers and retailers to position Aprati Foods products in prime locations.
- Manage and police product returns process.

4.Fulfillment ensures that product is delivered and available for shoppers to purchase wherever they wish.
- Guide Field Teams to work safely.
- Manage the submission of accurate orders from the field.
- Manage delivery of products to customers, achieving on-time delivery goals.
- Encourage product distribution from urban areas into the provinces.
- Allocate product to customers if and when necessary.

5.Shopper and Consumer Marketing Program increases
awareness, familiarity and consideration and persuades people to purchase and be loyal to Aprati Foods brands.
- Direct the development of compelling packaging.
- Oversee the creation and execution of promotional campaigns.
- Negotiate and purchase traditional and digital advertising.
- Manage Aprati Foods websites.
- Advance Aprati Foods image and its brands through public relations.
- Manage Aprati Foods social media efforts.
- Manage the consumer complaint process.

6.Short-term and Long-term Financial Objectives are realized by developing and supporting sustainable brands and products.
- Achieve company annual revenue goals.
- Achieve company annual EBIT and/or EBITDA goals.
- Work closely with the Cost Accounting function to understand cost drivers and margins.
- Optimize pricing to maximize profits.
- Discontinue underperforming brands or SKU’s and/or those with no long-term potential to realize company objectives.
- Collaborate with others on cost reduction initiatives while ensuring that market needs and desires continue to be met.
- Invest disproportionately in those brands and products with the most opportunity to achieve the company’s long-term financial goals.
- Push higher-profit products.

  •BA Degree.
•Minimum 5 year-experience in marketing and sales
•Prior experience in food manufacturing environment is a plus.

•Strong selling skills and desire to make long-term profitable sales.
•Strong analytical and mathematical skills.
•Experience marketing and/or selling food, beverage, cosmetic or pharmaceutical products in Cambodia.
•Familiarity with the Cambodian retail market and how large markets connect to smaller markets and street-side stalls.
•Fluent in Khmer Language; proficient in English language, both spoken and written.
•Honest, accurate and organized.
•Desire to learn and ability to adapt.
•Self-motivated and persistent.
•Able to motivate others.
•Familiarity with MS Windows software (i.e. Excel, Outlook).

•Experience leading a sales team.
•Familiar with selling and marketing products in a variety of ASEAN countries.
•Experience purchasing TV advertising in Cambodia.

*Contact Information:
Office Address: House No 53A, Street 430,
Sangkat Phsar Deurm Thkov, Khan Chamkamorn,
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 076 7787007 / 088 7878465

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Contact Person

MAO Chantha (Mr.)


076 7787007 / 088 7878465


[email protected]



House No 53A, Street 430, Sangkat Phsar Deurm Thkov, Khan Chamkamorn, Phnom Penh, Cambodia