Why do Cambodians still go abroad for medical care? និពន្ធដោយ : ថ្មីៗ       June-02-2016, 6:18 pm         68837

សូមទំនាក់ទំនងផ្សព្វផ្សាយពាណិជ្ជកម្ម : 010 299 377 -092 299 377Why do Cambodians still go abroad for medical care?(Phnom Penh): Cambodia’s Health care System has continued to see a growth and development following the Government’s reformation and improving of the infrastructures with New State of the art Hospitals opening up in the Kingdom’s Capital.

​Country Director of Kalbe International, a Pharmaceutical company based in Phnom Penh Mr Oktavianus Hauw while appraising the health Care System noted that the health care system in Cambodia is divided into two parts and the improvement of the health Infrastructure will help reduce the Medium and up class people from going abroad for medical care.

“According to our perspective, we see the health care system in Cambodia in two parts, health care for low class and medium class. The main issue of health care in Cambodia is about the infrastructure facilities that are not yet established compared with other developing countries” 
Speaking further, the Indonesian born identified also the lack of insurance policies for poor Cambodians also impacting on the health care delivery.

“On the first part on the low class, as you know Cambodia, 60% of Cambodia people are considered poor as they living less than 2 dollars a day and they cannot afford to finance their health care when they got sick of serious injury. In Cambodia, the health care system unlike other countries the government provides insurance free for poor but in Cambodia it out of their pocket money so people need to pay by themselves, that is the main issue for the low class”.

In addition to Lack of Insurance policies, Mr. Oktavianus identified also the quality of services as another factor that could lure rich Cambodians to go abroad for health care.

“For the medium up class, they also find another issue, they have money to spend for health care but they cannot find better service in Cambodia so they go to Vietnam or Thailand or event Singapore and other countries to treat their disease, this is one area Cambodia need to improve upon”.

Proffering solutions to the health care program, Oktavianus suggested the need for the standard to be improved and commended the Government resolves to tackle the Health care problems in Cambodia
“The most important thing is about the standard because health care system when you compare Cambodia like in Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore they have higher standards and also trusted doctors.  So that is why the people who has money, they will afford to go their rather than stay in Cambodia. We know some new hospitals have started their services and business here but still few that is why people in the medium and up class still prefer to go to other countries for medical treatment.  Also the standard is still poor here”

The Kalbe International boss commended the government and also called on more international partners to help in improving and providing affordable health care system in Cambodia.

“We saw in the government political reformation in Cambodia, I saw that Cambodia government already starts to focus on how to improve the health care system, through building new hospitals and improve the facilities and doing cooperation with some international institutions or foreign organizations and NGOs. So I think it’s good point on that but Cambodia still need to be more aggressive in that area to get international partners to involve in improving the health care system in Cambodia.  At this level if compared with other Asean countries they are low but they are growing”.