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  * Work with customers to handle the requirements of testing services as assigned by superiors.
- Consulting clients with issues related to testing services (select appropriate test programs, sample preparation procedures, forms, quotes package testing, response time test results)
- Get to the sampling requirements from customers and arrange delivery service timely.
- Get the test request form from the customer, assess the validity of the preliminary order before moving on to receive sample parts.
- Prepare samples after testing, arrange returns for clients if required.
- Guid to read technical information, results and overall assessment of individual reports
- Resolving customer complaints arising from the delivery sample process (late / missing), the testing process, after the release of reports and invoices

* Coordinate with other departments during order processing:
- Regularly updated information, new requirements from customers (contract or no contract with Bureau Veritas) to support other departments to implement the procedures for testing program has been defined, avoid errors due to lack of information
- Contact customers additional samples, missing information required from the sample test department, laboratory and group publishes to fulfill orders on time
- Support other departments to contact with customer, technical support, process group to examine a number of unclear information about programs related to orders
- Inform the customer that the problem (if any) affect the test process immediately upon receiving information from the laboratory
- Coordinate with the departments involved in order processing to find the root cause and how to fix it when legitimate complaints from customers.
- Support report distridution contact the Program Manager for approval to edit the wrong information in the report was sent.
- Coordinate with technical staff to propose ways to improve the product/test results to the customer if required.
- Contact customers additional information needed to support the Accounting department invoices properly
- Support the Accounting department to work with the customer have delay payment to invoices paid faster
- Recognition of decisions for customers preferential prices from the superior, transfer to Accounting department store in the pricing system

* Maintaining and developing relationships with assigned customers
- Coordinate with the Sales department visit, gather information, maintain good relations with existing customers and establish relationships with a number of new customers
- Recognize feedback from clients asigned to offer new strategies to improve service quality, increase the number ò customer and revenue
- Transfer discount requests from VIP clients to superior to considerate to price match policy

* Send and follow up internal subcontract.
- Receipt of the samples is necessary to conduct sub-contract from the testing laboratory.
- Contact and send samples to the appropriate laboratory for testing a sample
- Follow up process - providing information to subcontract smooth and timely
- Contact to get the necessary information from the lab as demand for new subcontract
- Save and update database information for subcontracting process

- Implement training for other employees depending on ability as required by superior.
- Perform other suitable duties as directed by superiors (eg : gather information to support the purchasing department of large customers, support jobs when members leave, absent ... .)

  - University / College
- Foreign Language / Foreign Trade / Business Administration / Engineering (Chemical / Textiles)
- Bachelor
- At least 1 year of work taking customer service or related industry
- Have a basic knowledge of customer service
- (MS Office – Word/ Excel/ Power Point)/Knowledge of Microsoft Office (MS Office - Word / Excel / Power Point)
- Priority to increase your knowledge about some basic specs of testing services
- Good communication (direct / email / phone), be polite demeanor, confidence
- Use good English & Chinese (spoken and written)
- Microsoft Office/Proficient use of office computer operations and Microsoft Office software
- Handling situations better
- Work under pressure, organize the good work
- Priority know other languages than English & Chinese (Korean /Japanese)
- Work independently
- Good emotional control and flexibility in handling situations
- Manage time better

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Contact Person

Ms. Savong Yun


(855)23 962 292 or (855)17 555 638


[email protected]



Building 1186, St. 371 (Sola), Sk. Steung Meanchy, Khan Meanchey, Phnom Penh